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Artisan Roast was the first specialty coffee roasters in Malaysia dated back in 2010. A think syrupy espresso is not something palatable to Malaysian tastes buds, but we managed to hooked up some fans during our humble beginning. 

Our first cafe was at Jalan Ampang and shortly after that we move to new ‘home’ in TTDI and serves coffee to local community. Word of mouth spreads faster than Facebook or Instagram back them. People are willing to travel for better coffee in Kuala Lumpur and turned Artisan Roast cafe to what it is now - one of the busiest cafe in town.

In 2014, we saw opportunity in opening more Artisan Roast cafe in different location, but it came to decision of investing in better roasting facility which house our Loring Smart Roaster. Three Little Birds cafe came into an idea where we wanted to remain Artisan Roast cafe as one and only, in TTDI. 

Artisan extends to our friends at the cafes that we supply and the passionate people who work there. We live coffee and cafes and understand the thirsty customers, many of whom we call our friends.

Over the years, techniques of coffee roasting and coffee preparation have changed. Here at Artisan, we've been part of that learning and leading the way to better coffee. Artisan was a pioneer of specialty coffee in Malaysia. We haven't stopped pushing the boundaries of what coffee can do.